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Three Kingdoms

  With the help of modem media, a replica of the ancient warship Sanguo which means Three Kingdoms in English, reenacts scenes from battles dating back to 220 A.D. At that time, the troops of the Wei, Wu and Shu kingdoms into which the country was divided, fought fierce battles in which million of soldiers were killed.

The fascinating "Three Kingdoms Trip" starts from Jiangling in the east, and goes to Haidi in the west.

Along the way, visits are made to Chibi, Yiling and Zhandao, all historical sites of the Three Kingdoms Period and the atmosphere of those time is recreated on board of the ship.

Looking like an Eastern Han Dynasty warship with watch towers, musts, fluttering banners, forest of swords and spears, 'Three Kingdoms' offers a magnificent sight. The interior includes a castle-like entrance hall, a ceiling inlaid with the stars and constellations, replica of Chibi cliff done with un canny workmanship, some simple but comfortable cabins, unique reed pipes and bronze bells and an eye-catching Shopping corridor in Han dynasty style. All reflect the life style in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.


During the trip on the 'Three Kingdoms' in addition to view the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges, tour ists may have time to enjoy storiesabout the Three Kingdoms, especially the wonderful plots of 'Alliance in the peach orchard', 'Chatting about the heroes while heating millet wine', 'Chibi War' and Liu Bei the White Emperor leaves his son in Zhu Geliang, the prime minister's care'. They can also enjoy ancient poetries in the State of Chu and descriptive prose from the Jian An Period.An orchestra that includes vertical bamboo flutes, reed pipes, drums, and different types of traditional Chinese stringed instruments will play for the guests sym phonies such as the 'Song of the Gust', the '18 Chapters of Hu-Cavalry' and the 'River Streaming Down from a High Mountain'.

The 'Yuwu' and 'Dawu' dances, which are performed at intervals as offering sacrifices to the gods, tell the stories of the founder of the Shang Dynasty(c. 16th- 11th century B.C.) General Tang’s punitive expedition against Tyrant Jie, ruler of the Xia Dynasty (c.2lst-l6th century B.C )and the founder of the Zhou Dynasty (e.llth century-256B,C ) General wu's punitive expedition against Tyrant Zhou, ruler of the Yin Dynasty(the later period of the Shang Dynasty). During the 'Three Kingdoms' warship's voyages, seminars will be held on such topics as the relations between Three Kingdoms and politics, economy and modem war. Tourists cann engage in various activities according to their interest. Martial arts Performances are given every day in the Wushu Hall. Qigong masters give frequent Qigong performances in the Qigong Hall. Famous doctors from the Huatuo Pharmacy are available to serve the ship's tourists. In addition, the captain will host a gala party for the tourists, Thus, legendary heroes and stories of the Three Kingdoms will come alive for tourists.

Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms


Downstream Upstream
Chongqing to Yichang Yichang to Chongqing
D1. Departs Chongqing at 2200. D1. Departs Yichang at 0700.
D2. Shore excursion to White Emperor City. D2. Shore excursion to Shennong Stream.
D3. Shore excursion to Shennong Stream. D3. Shore excursion to Wanxian County or Fengdu.
D4. Arrives in Yichang at 0800. D4. Arrives in Chongqing at 0800.


March, April, June, July, August, November
US$300 p.p
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May, September, October
US$330 p.p
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